Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wonder Women 5k

Race Report

Race : Wonder Women 5k

Distance : 5k

Date : 4/12/2014 

Pre-Race Preparation : normal training

Pre-Race Thoughts : it was colder than I thought I was going to be

Lap Length :

Running Surface : pavement

Incline / Decline : it was pretty flat

Start Time : 9:00 am

Finish Time : 30:24 7th place in my age group. 

Weather  : mostly cloudy

Pre-Race Routine : 

Shoes : munzunos

Socks : my black running socks

Fluids taken during the race : none

Energy / Calories consumed Prior to the race : water and a naked smoothie 

Energy / Calories consumed During the race : none

Sodium / Electrolytes consumed During the race : none

General Observations : it was a really small race. Less than 50 women. It was nice to be all women. I was cold at the start but warmed up right away

Things that worked for this event : my new running watch worked perfect! And Jeremy's wireless headphones worked perfect. I need to get me a pair. 

Things that didn’t work well for this event : my tummy was pretty upset the whole night before and the morning. 

Psychological Observations : I started out way to fast but I never walked. It was an out and back course and the way back seemed to go by a lot faster than the way out. 

Post-Race Recovery : none

Things to Improve for Next Time : get more sleep before hand and train more outside. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014

I made a goal to run 13 races in 2013. I only ran 12 :(. I am sad that I did not make my goal but I got really really close. I didn't realize how much money 13 races were going to cost. So as much as I would like to redeem myself this year and run 14, I am going to have to come up with another running goal this year. Races are expensive for this single income family. I am proud of all 12 of the races I did run. I worked hard in my training. I did not always enjoy the training but I did it.  
So we will see what 2014 brings. As soon as a set a goal for this year I will tell you so I will be held accountable.