Sunday, July 21, 2013

Frozen 10k

Race Report

Race : Frozen 10k 

Distance : 10k

Date :07/20/2013

Pre-Race Preparation : I spent the day before at the water park in the hot hot sun and did not drink enough water. Not wise

Pre-Race Thoughts : Why the hell did I sign up for this

Lap Length : 1/4 mile?

Running Surface : indoor track

Incline / Decline : 0

Start Time : 9:00 am

Finish Time : 1:02:01

Weather  : it was inside and climate controlled at 63-65. It was PERFECT running temp

Pre-Race Routine : none

Shoes : My brooks, I felt them at Rachel's house the day before but luckly her hubby was running the race also so she brought them to me at the race

Socks : the socks Amy got me for my birthday. 

Fluids taken during the race : None. They had water but I suck at drinking out of a cup while running and being inside I did not want to make a mess all over the track. 

Energy / Calories consumed Prior to the race : I ate a banana and a pice of toast with peanut butter

Energy / Calories consumed During the race : none

Sodium / Electrolytes consumed During the race : none

General Observations : it was a super small race, about 20 people for the 10k and 50 for the 5k. It was mentally really hard to do 22 laps and have all the 5k people lapping me over and over. It was great to see Jer and the boys the whole race. Rachel and her kids were also cheering me on. 

Things that worked for this event : the temps. It was so nice to be able to start at 9am and not worry about the heat

Things that didn’t work well for this event : I was a little dehydrated going into it. My gps did not work inside so I had no idea what my pace was or my splits and that was really really hard.  

Psychological Observations : this race for me was all mental. But I did it. My goal was under an hour and I was 2 minutes from my goal.  

Post-Race Recovery : a lot of R and R

Things to Improve for Next Time : my time. Next 10k will be under an hour :)

This is me and Brad(Rachel's husband) he rocked the race and is super fast. 

Me after the race. I got 3rd place in the womens 18-40.  After the race I got cold cause it was only 60 in the building and I was all sweating and no longer moving so I put my race shirt on to keep warm. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Quick Check In

I ran 10 miles today without stopping. Today I ran 10 miles without stopping. That is the farthest I have ran since my half marathon in April. We were in Meadow for the 4th and since there was Jeremy and my mother in law to watch the boys I woke up and 6:30 and ran. I started the run at 7 am. It's been sooooo hot here that I had to get it done early. I laced up and ran on the frontage road. I went out 5.5 miles, turned around and ran back. The first 3 miles were hard. The first 3 miles of any long run are really hard for me. After that I was in the zone. I ate two gu chomps at miles 4.5 and miles 5 thru 8 flew by. I was on top of the world. Mile 8 was getting hot and I was getting tired. Mile 9 was hot and I was ready to be done. My phone said 10 miles and I was so happy. I walked a half mile to cool down and than stretched and drank a ton of water. It took me just under two hours. I felt on top of the world. I just busted out 10 miles without walking. I was really happy with my pace too. I have had runner lugs the whole day and my knees hurt like hell but I did it. 

Above is my 10 miler today and below is my 4 miler in Meadow on Wednesday. 

This was my splits for the 10 miles :)

These two photos are from the Millie's Princess run.