Monday, August 26, 2013

Kiss Me Dirty

I did my first mud run with my friends. We walked 95% of it cause we all wanted to stay some what together. It was a lot of fun. 
The course was around an equestrian center so I tried really hard not to think about what was in the mud. 
We all threw mud at each other and knocked each other down and laughed and laughed. At the end they threw pink chalk dust on us and than we ran thru foam. Than we hosed off in freezing cold hoses. 
I am not sure i will do another one. The price tag for these runs is very pricey and like I said I walked almost all of it. But I am glad I did it this time and the group of ladies I did it with make it a blast. 
Can you find me?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Run In Rhythm 5k

Race Report

Race : Run In Rhythm 5k  

Distance : 5k

Date : 8/17/2013

Pre-Race Preparation : None

Pre-Race Thoughts : Its hot and I am tired

Lap Length : N/A

Running Surface : Pavement

Incline / Decline : Lots of hills

Start Time : 8:30am

Finish Time : 31 min

Weather  : Hot about 80

Pre-Race Routine : minimal stretching

Shoes : Brooks

Socks : The socks Amy gave me for my birthday 

Fluids taken during the race : a cup of water at the only water stop at about mile 1.5

Energy / Calories consumed Prior to the race : none

Energy / Calories consumed During the race : none

Sodium / Electrolytes consumed During the race : none

General Observations : no bathrooms at the start. It started  10 min late. Only one water stop and it was super hot. Very hilly and the last .1 miles was straight up hill

Things that worked for this event : I only ran 2.5 miles the day before, normally I don't taper for a 5k

Things that didn’t work well for this event : it was hot and my legs felt like lead the whole race

Psychological Observations : I hate when races don't start on time

Post-Race Recovery : bath

Things to Improve for Next Time : run faster

I don't know what my official chip time was. I hope they post it online. The health fair afterwards was GREAT!!  At the health fair everything was free (the 5k was free too and I got a pretty cool shirt) so we got so much free stuff. Free food, free face painting, free glucose screening, we came home with 2 bags of free stuff :)